Why Buy New

A Global Issue

Throughout the scientific community, the political world and the public at large, the general consensus is that global warming is a reality and is here to stay.

The need to act now cannot be overstated; scientists estimate the world could grow warmer by nearly six degrees by the end of the century. In 1997 Britain signed up to the Kyoto Protocol and committed to an ongoing process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we all have a role to play in making this happen.

The Challenge of Building a Better Future

Approximately half of all the European Union’s energy consumption comes from its buildings, so the construction industry must assume responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint of its products wherever possible.

While tighter EU directives and Government targets are setting increasingly stringent standards for new dwellings , developers themselves are reacting by integrating improved transport links, recycled materials and energy efficient technologies into their schemes, helping to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. And Countryside is among the leaders.

Green from the Word Go

At Countryside we take sustainability very seriously.

We operate a stringent environmental management system and are members of the NextGeneration initiative which promotes and measures sustainability in the construction industry – in 2007 we were ranked as the leading privately owned housebuilder. In fact, in the last six years we’ve won over 60 awards for sustainability. We go even further; by building on brownfield sites we’re even recycling derelict ex-industrial land to create new communities complete with green open spaces. So if you want to be green, buy new – the average new home is around 6.5 times more energy efficient than one built just 30 years ago.

Make your Home your Own

Replacing a previous owner’s idea of “interior design” can be a costly and time-consuming process. Move into a brand new home on the other hand and you have the perfect blank canvas just waiting for you to make your mark on. Whatever you want to do to your new place, you know you won’t have to worry about uncovering and rectifying any previous D.I.Y. disasters before you can get started, saving you untold time and hassle and making it easier to make your new home your own.

Nothing up my Eaves

Buy a new home from Countryside and there’ll be no nasty surprises or extra costs waiting for you. Buy a second-hand home, and who knows what you could be faced with? A survey should show up any major structural problems, but more cosmetic things can still run into thousands and thousands of pounds. If the kitchen, bathroom, windows, flooring or any one of a dozen things aren’t up to scratch, you could be looking at a lot of work and a lot of money. Buy a brand new home and all these will be avoided, plus you’ll have the peace of mind of a ten year NHBC or Zurich guarantee. No expensive surprises, guaranteed!

A World of Choice

Having trouble finding your perfect home? Beginning to think it doesn’t actually exist? Finding the perfect new home is a good deal easier than finding a perfect second-hand one.Instead of trawling countless estate agents trying to find what you’re after, just check out the huge range of Countryside homes. We offer everything from studio apartments to large family homes and everything in between, in great locations all over the country. Whatever sort of new home you’re looking for the chances are Countryside are building it. Visit our list of developments to find out more.

First Time Lucky

Getting a foot on the property ladder is becoming increasingly hard for first time buyers ; the average buyer needs around £15,000 of savings just to get started. But buying with Countryside makes huge financial sense; on selected properties we can offer a range of incentives to help you with your buying costs and get you moving fast.You won’t get that sort of help in the second-hand market. Buying new means you spend more on your dream home, less on fees and legals.

Home Exchange and Move Fast

So you’ve found your perfect home, but are having trouble selling your current one? Half of the stress of buying a home can be selling your previous one; there are plenty of horror stories concerning broken chains and broken promises. With Countryside Home Exchange Service we might be able to buy your current home from you and get you moving quickly and easily.

10 Years Peace of Mind

Unlike a second-hand home, each new Countryside home comes with the peace of mind afforded by a 10 year NHBC, or Zurich guarantee, to cover you against any major structural damage to your home. For the first 2 of these 10 years the Customer Services department will also be on hand to assist you with any issues that you may have. If something went wrong in a second-hand home, could you really afford to get it put right?

A Name to Trust

At Countryside, we have an enviable track record for building great new homes and indeed great new communities, and it’s won us over 40 awards in the industry.

We work with leading architects, planners and interior designers to bring you homes you can be proud of for generations to come. If you’re in the market for a new home, see what Countryside can offer you. You’ll be glad you did.