Customer Stories

Kyle and Melissa

“For many people buying a house and getting engaged in the same year wouldn’t be possible, however the Help to Buy scheme has enabled us to tailor the process to suit our needs”

“We only needed a 5% deposit, but we wanted to use our savings to put down 15% instead, which meant that we didn’t need to borrow as much. Having that flexibility has enabled us to secure the best possible deal on our mortgage.”

“We’ve been amazed at how quick and stress-free the whole process has been and we’re now looking forward to spending our first Christmas together in our new home.”

“Any nerves I had about buying our first home were soon put at ease by Countryside and didn’t come close to proposing live on TV. Hopefully the process of planning a wedding will run just as smoothly!”

Daniel Murphy and Kate Garner

“Who knew is could be so simple!”

“Kate and I were renting but decided to take the big step and own our own place. We had heard about Countryside’ schemes to help first time buyers and so we went down to the sales office at NGV Liverpool to find out more. The sales team were so helpful and we owned our own home in a matter of weeks. Who knew it could be so simple? One of the things that appealed to us about buying a new-build home was to know that we’d be the first ones to live there. It will be a complete blank canvas for us to just put our own stamp on.”

Lucy Smith

“I bought my three bedroom semi-detached home at Copper Wells off-plan after a couple of my friends had moved here. Having seen the style and quality of their new homes, I felt confident in my choice to buy mine before it had even been built. There is a real sense of community here and the park in the centre of the development is a fantastic place for my son to play and for me to meet my new neighbours and catch up with friends. We couldn’t be happier!”